I work in several different media using various techniques which I integrates into my main form of expression: digital video, digital image processing and animation.

  • Medlem NNBK

Espen Tversland is a visual artist who studied at Statens Kunstakademiet, Oslo. He works in several different media using various techniques which he integrates into his main form of expression: digital video, digital image processing and animation. Espen uses the point where humans and nature intersect as a starting-point and sparring partner in his artistic work. His artistic process involves solo-treks through nature where he enters into a performance-like state in order to allow creative processes to arise between him and the environment. He draws sketches, records spontaneous singing and video clips to capture moments which he then processes in the studio to produce the finished video pieces. The format of choice is short sequences (1-10 minutes long), digitally treated and combined with animation, which result in a visual expression fitting the personal experience of nature and the wider artistic concept. The videos reproduce the experiences in an abstract, mystical, surreal and concrete fashion.

1998-2002 Statens kunst akademi, Oslo
1994-1998 Kunstskolen i Bergen, Bergen

2014 Public Art Screens, Stavanger, Sandnes, My Beast, redigert spesielt for utstillingskonseptet
2010 Skulpturarena Øst Carl Berner, Oslo
2007 Bodø Kunstforening, Bodø, Galleri og black box

2014 Oslo Screen Festival, Oslo
2014 AIVA videofestival, Sverige
2014 Festival MIden, Hellas
2013 Rom for kunst, Oslo
2008 Tromsø kunstforening, Tromsø, POLART utstillingen
2006 John skins or Sally swims, videofestival UKS, Oslo, Polen, Turnerende utstilling
2004 Pixxelpoint, Slovenia
2004 Nuart festival, Stavanger


2016 Sørlandsutstillingen
2012 Galleri F15, Østlandsutstillingen, Fredrikstad
2008 Sørlandsutstillingen, Sørlandet
2007 Sørlandsutstillingen, Sørlandet. Vinner av juryen reisestipend
2005 Nordnorsken, Nord-Norge, Vinner av juryens pris
2003 Høstutstillingen, Konstnärens Hus, Oslo
2000 Ultimafestivalen,Tverfaglig samarbeidsprosjekt, installation ute, Oslo, Embryonic, animasjoner

2015 Bulgaria Peace, Painting
2014- Brønnøysund kulturskole, Vikar

2015 Brønnøysund, Bvk 1 åring stipend
2013 Oslo, Statens 1 årig arbeidstipend
2011 Oslo, Statens diversestipend
2008 Oslo, Bvk. 1 årig stipend
2006 Oslo, Bodø, Norsk Kulturråds utstillingsstipend
2005 Oslo, Bvk 1 åring stipend
2004 Oslo, Prosjektstøtte kunst og teknologi
2003 Oslo, Bvk 2 åring arbeidsstipend
2002 Oslo, Etablering stipend


2015 Dark Ecology Journey 2
2007 Svalbard, forskingsbåten Lance, POLART, deltager