A three day international symposium with lectures, artist talks and live performances.

06. Sep 2018
09. Sep 2018

– List of contributors soon to be announced. Please revisit this site in March –

The Lofoten Sound Art Symposium (LSAS) will take place in Lofoten from September 6th to September 8th, 2018. It gathers sound artists, composers, musicians, institutions, producers and other practitioners from the broad and interdisciplinary field of sound art for an Artist in Residence program (LSAS AiR), network meeting, talks, presentations and live events.



LSAS is the second part of Sound Disturbance, which is a larger international network focusing on sound art. The first installment, Hearing the Visual took place in Malmö, 2016 and included performances, talks and meetings. MUU, C-Y (ContemporarY) and the North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS) are the three main project collaborators. For the LSAS they are joined by two Norwegian partners: Lydgalleriet and Ny Musikk Nordland. LSAS is curated by Svein Ingvoll Pedersen and Karolin Tampere of NNKS in dialogue with the the Sound Disturbance network.




About the organizing institutions

C-Y (ContemporarY) is an artist run interdisciplinary association for contemporary music and sound art in Malmö. Founded in 2007 it arranges music, art events and albums. C-Y curated the meeting Malmö and selects the Swedish participants for a LSAS AiR. www.c-y.se

MUU is an artist run, Finnish interdisciplinary artist association, founded in 1987. It represents and promotes experimental forms of art, such as media art, performance, video, sound and other modes of cultural production. MUU selects the Finnish participants of the LSAS AiR. www.muu.fi

NyMusikk Nordland works to promote music and sound art through a series of concerts, lectures, meetings, screenings, performances and festivals aiming to increase the interest of the sound art field.

Lydgalleriet is a platform for sound art, exhibiting sound based art in Bergen, Norway. It explores experimental auditive cultures through gallery shows, concerts, workshops and and interventions in public space. It was initiated by musicians and sound artists in 2005. www.lydgalleriet.no/

The North Norwegian Art Centre (NNKS) is a regional centre for visual art, comprising the entire region of Northern Norway. The art centre’s office, gallery and artist residency is located in Svolvær, Lofoten. NNKS supports projects and regional initiatives in the field of visual art and runs an extensive programme all over Northern-Norway. NNKS selects the Norwegian participants of the LSAS AiR.


Lofoten Sound Art Symposium is generously supported by Nordic Culture Point and Nordic Culture Fund