NNKS exhibition

A Good Place to be

Kristin Tårnes in collaboration with Kristina Junttila and Margrethe Pettersen.

25 Jan - 17 Mar

NNKS project

Sissel Mutale Bergh RAANEN VOUDNA

RAANEN VOUDNA is a two-part art project that put focus on the Sami history of Mo i Rana, a place known known as the industrial city, located in the middle of an ancient Sami area, Raanen.

8 Nov - 31 May

Mo i Rana

NNKS project

NNKS Mentor program

Since 2016 North Norwegian Art Centre runs a mentor program for recent art graduates

30 Sep - 31 Dec


Previous exhibitions, projects and other programme activity at the North Norwegian Artists Centre.

LIAF – Lofoten International Art Festival

One of Norway’s main contemporary art events


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