NNKS exhibition

Inghild Karlsen:
Lott / Lotto

Installation containing new and older works by pioneer artist from Northern Norway.

28 Mar - 7 Jun

NNKS gallery in Svolvær

NNKS project

Art projects to Vardø

North Norwegian Art Centre will from 2020 until 2022 commission and present a series of art projects in Vardø, a town located in the county of Finnmark in northern Norway.

14 May - 18 Dec 2022

Different locations in the city of Vardø

NNKS project

HC Gilje

As part of NNKS’s focus on Norway’s northeastern city, HC Gilje plans to realize a series of Vardø portraits in the form of light castings.

14 May - 19 Dec 2022


NNKS project

Alt Går Bra:

The artist group Alt Går Bra will follow in the footsteps of Adam Egede-Nissen, a Vardø resident who gained national attention and became a spokesman for Finnmark’s population in the Norwegian Parliament.

14 May - 19 Dec 2022



Previous exhibitions, projects and other programme activity at the North Norwegian Artists Centre.

LIAF – Lofoten International Art Festival

One of Norway’s main contemporary art events


Funding, sponsorship and networks

“The Dinghy” Open call for artists

"The Dinghy" is one of five projects that received support from North Norwegian Art Centre earlier this year. Now the Dinghy-team has an open call for artists. Application deadline is May 20th.