Interdisciplinary artist based in Norway / Italy.

  • Medlem NNBK

Ina Otzko’s (b. 1972 in Sandnessjøen, Norway)

Ina Otzko holds a dual master degree from Goldsmiths College University of London, MA Image & Communication (2004), MFA Fine Art (2007) and an additional master from Udk, Berlin, MA Sound Studies (2012). Her artistic practice includes photography, video, sound, text, sculpture and performance. She participates frequently in courses and / or artist in residency programs (national and international) for research and inspiration. Her work has been presented in solo shows and numerous group exhibitions in Norway and abroad.

Otzko additionally works as an independent curator, art advisor for private and public sector and produces exhibitions and public art projects. Her latest project was the well received tome, 100 Norwegian Photographers, published by Hatje Cantz, launched at Fotografie Forum Frankfurt and exhibited at the Norwegian Pavilion The dream we carry at the Frankfurt Book fair in October 2019.

Ina Otzko is Chairwoman for The Association of North Norwegian Artists (NNBK) since 2015, Board member for The Association of Visual Artist (NBK) 2019-2021, Board member for NBK Solidarity Fund 2919-2021, Artist representative NNBK Board member (deputy) for Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum (NNKM) 2020-2023, Art Advisory Board member for Stiftelsen Twende since 2019 and Board member for Artica Svalbard 2021-2025. Previously assignments includes amongst others Art Advisory Board member for Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF) in the period 2011-2020, Chair for the Nomination Committee Regional Project funds, Autumn / The Norwegian Association for Fine Art Photographers (FFF) for E. Kjelling, Board member 2019, Allocation Committee Regional Project funds, Autumn / The Norwegian Association for Fine Art Photographers (FFF) for E. Kjelling 2019, Board member NNBK 2008-2010.

In 2018 she was the first recipient of the Art Award Twendeprisen for her artistic work and her engagement with the arts.

Ina Otzko has resided mainly abroad since 1993, though always kept a firm bond with the north creating connections between people and places through various art projects and assignments. She is the founder of  IO RAMThe Hour of Man, a project which aims are to work for an inclusive and diverse world community through collaborative projects; Director of ArtBase Helgeland 66N, a non profit artist initiative she founded in 2005 with Kari Elfstedt, currently run by Otzko, Elfstedt and Toril Bonsaksen; and in spring 2020 she initiated a collocation of production- and exhibition space for professional artists and theatre in Vågen, Sandnessjøen with the mission of opening the exhibition space Vågen Kunsthall spring 2021. Otzko currently lives and works in Northern Norway and Italy.

2010-2012 MA Sound Studies, Eksperimentelle Klanggestaltung, Universität der Künste, Berlin/DE, Prof. Martin Supper, Sam Auinger, Sabine Sanio, Robert Henke
2005-2007 MFA Fine Art Practice & Critical Studies, Fine Art Dep. Goldsmiths College University of London/UK, Prof. Gerard Hemsworth, David Mabb, Suhail Malik
2003-2004 MA Photography & Electronic Arts (prev. MA Image & Communication), Media Dep. Goldsmiths College University of London/UK, Prof. Nigel Perkins, Graham Young

NBK / Norwegian Association of Visual Artists
NNBK / North Norwegian Association of Visual Artists
FFF / Association of Fine Art Photographers
PAB / Performance Art Bergen

Residency / Travel & Research / Courses / Workshops (selection)
Finnmark County Council AiR, Vadsø – November (Residency & Research)
2020 Deep Listening I, The Center for Deep Listening (Course & Research)
Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær (Residency)
2019 Argentina (Travel & Research)
2019 Open source celluloid (Workshop)
2019 Finnmark County Council AiR, Vadsø (Residency & Research)
2018 India (Travel, Research & Course Yin Yoga Teacher Training)
2018 New York (Travel & Research)
2018 Sicily (Travel & Research)
2017 Roadtrip, Iceland (Travel & Research)
2017 Vasulka Chamber Residency, National Gallery of Iceland (Residency)
2017 Med Joik som utgangspunkt, Nord Universitetet, Tromsø (Course)
2016 Roadtrip, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona / USA (T&R)
2016 NCCA / National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Kronstadt, St.Petersburg, Russia (Residency)
2016 Kola Residency Roadtrip, Pikene på Broen (Residency)
2016 Ny-Ålesund/ Longyearbyen, Svalbard / Norway (Residency)
2016 Iceland (T&R)
2015 Pushkinskaya-10, St. Petersburg / High-North AiR Network (Residency)
2015 Arkhangelsk International Cultural Center, Russia / High-North AiR Network (Residency)
2014 The College of Sound Healing, UK (Course)
2013 Masterclass Female Directors, NNFS, Tromsø / Norway (Symposium)
2013 Obrestad Fyr, Hå Gamle Prestegård, (Residency)
2012-2013 Grunnmedisin, HiNT, Nord Trønderlag University College
2012 Certified Yoga Teacher Training RYT-200 (Yoga Alliance), Goa, India (Course/ Research)
2012 Ny-Ålesund / Longyearbyen, Svalbard / Norway (Residency)
2011 Ny-Ålesund / Longyearbyen, Svalbard / Norway (Residency)
2009 Action Theater Training / Improvisations with Sabine von der Tann, Potsdam / Germany (Research)
2009 Butoh workshop with Minako Seki, Berlin / Germany (Course)
2002-2003 Kunsthistorie grunnfag, HiS / University of Stavanger
2001-2002 Graphic- and Web Design, Merkantilsk Institutt, Stavanger (Course)
2000-2001 Informatikk I, HiN / Nesna University College, Norway (Course)
2000 Photography workshop with Joyce Tenneson, Vågå / Norway (Course)

Solo Exhibitions / Projects (selection)
Small Projects, Tromsø
2019 Mutatio / Mathriaka, Museo Faro di Punta Lingua, Salina, Italy
2019-2020 Galleri SYN, Årets kunstner, NorlandiArt, Lovund Hotel, Norway
2019 Jeg er her, kan du føle det? Vadsø Art Society, Norway
2018 Jeg er her, kan du føle det? / Bodø Art Society, Northern Norway
2018 Didyme, Libreria delle Donne di Milano, Italy, Curator: Francesca Pasini
2018 Take your time / It would take me too long to tell you, text carved in stone, Alstahaug, Norway
2017 Landscape – Soundscape / Ina Otzko & Alois Späth / Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography, Munich, Germany
2017 Selected video works / Winter Lights Festival, Vasulka Chamber, The National Gallery of Iceland
2015 Sono qui, puoi sentirlo? / Museum Castel dell\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’Ovo, Napoli kommune, Italia / Curator: Maria Savarese
2014 Da Adolfo – Ina Otzko / Book, Positano/Napoli, Italia
2014 Longing & Belonging / Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography, München, Tyskland
2013 NON TI MUOVERE / Alstahaug Cinema, Sandnessjøen, Norway
2013 Interiører/Interiors 72/12, Nordisk Samtidspoesifestival, Hamar Art Society. Collaboration with Hanne Bramness
2012 FALLING FOR RELIGION / NNKS, Blackbox / Svolvær, Norway
2011 N E W S / Installasjon fasade NNKS / Svolvær, Norway
2011 FALLING FOR RELIGION / Galleri Backer, Vestfold University, Tønsberg, Norway
2011 N E W S / Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes, Norway
2010 Firmus Female, Petter Dass Museum, Festival Artist Petter Dass-dagene, Alstahaug, Norway
2010 Rough and Tumble /  Alstahaug Art Society, Sandnessjøen, Norway
2009 The orange tree, Vestfold Art Center / Tønsberg, Norway
2008 The orange tree, Alstahaug Art Society, Sandnessjøen, Norway

Group Exhibitions / Projects (selection)
Equinox, Bodø kunstforening
2021 Tvelys, TERMINAL B, Kirkenes
2021 Hildring, Tromsø Kunstforening
2021 Solhund, Galleri 2, Stamsund
2021 Understrømmer, Galleri Nord-Norge
2021 AURA, Vadsø kunstforening
2021 HALO, Samisk senter for samtidskunst, Karasjok
2020 Shore line, Arkhangelsk regional Museum of local Lore, Arkhangelsk, Russia
2020 In Isolation: You, Me, We, Lucie Foundation & Musee Magazine Online Exhibition
Mens vi venter, Sleneset, Northern Norway
Den 74. Nordnorske Kunstutstilling / Annual Juried Travelling Exhibition, Northern Norway
Kvinnekroppen, Arteriet, Kristiansand, Norway
2019 KNAS, Galleri Ö, Tjøtta, Norway
NordlandiART, Stormen Kulturhus galleri, Bodø, Norway / Curator: Are Andreassen
LOOK NORTH, Arctic Arts Festival, Harstad, Norway
2019 HEAR NORTH, Harstad Arctic Arts Festival Radio 101.9 /105 FM
2019 Vetrine di Libertà, Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy. Curator: Francesca Pasini
2019 Den 73. Nordnorske Kunstutstilling / Annual Juried Travelling Exhibition, Northern Norway
2018-19 NordlandiART, Stormen Kulturhus galleri, Bodø, Norway / Curator: Are Andreassen
2018 Kronstadt Stories – 3. Slowness, Museum of the history of Saint-Petersburg, Museum of printing, Russia.
2018 Lofoten Sound Art Symposium / Listening Lounge / NyMusikk Nordland, Norway
2018 Sonic Vision Nordland, Sortland Cinema, Norway
2017 We are what we breathe, Magmart Festival 10th edition, Video under volcano, Naples, Italy  
NordlandiART, Stormen Galleri, Bodø, Norway / Curator: Are Andreassen
AIAIP / Contemporary Visions – Videoart in Loop / 57 locations, 10 Countries / Curator: Roberto Ronca
2017 Xi´an Silkroad festival, China. Curator: Kristin Scheving
2017 Ibrida*Pluri Festival, Eastern Block / Montreal, Canada / Curator: Kristin Scheving
2017 You cannot know it from the picture, SIM gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
2017 It helps to anticipate things that have not happened, SIM Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
Den 71. Nordnorske Kunstutstilling / The North Norwegian Art Exhibition
2017 Transpositions II, St.Petersburg Museum of Nonconfirmist Art, Russia / Curator: Anastasia Patsey
NorlandiArt, Bodø, Norway / Curator: Are Andreassen
2016 Rhetorics of Power / St. Petersburg Museum of Nonconformist Art, Russia / Curator: Anastasia Patsey
2016 Ingen rødmer i paradiset / Kulturbadet Galleri, Sandnessjøen, Norway
2016 Arkhangelsk International Photofestival, Russia
2016 #Tegning #Verk #Verktøy / Galleri Nord Norge, Harstad, Norway. Curator: Janne Juvi Rasmussen
Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography, München, Germany
2014 12 Falsa Ark (54 Artists) NNKS, Svolvær, Norway
2014 12 Falsa Ark / Turne (24 Artists) Kulturfabrikken, Sortland / Midt-Troms Museum, Bardufoss / Kirkenes skole / Meløy kommune, Norway / Petter Dass Museum, Norway
2014 Reflex / Helgeland Museum, Mosjøen. Artists: Camilla Figenschou, Hanne Grieg Hermansen, Dan Lestander, Trygve Luktvasslimo, Ina Otzko, Sonja Siltala og Bjørn Tore Stavang / Curators: Torill Østby Haaland, Jan Erik Lundström
2013 Intro 15 /  Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography, München, Tyskland
2013 P&P Bell Set No #1 / Screening, Art For Art’s Sake, Hamar, Norway
2013 Pop Hits, ArtSpace Rhein-Main, Offenbach, Germany / Curator: Manfred Peckl
2013 Reflex /  Sami Center for Contemporary Art, Karasjok, Norway. Artists: Tomas Colbengtson, Grethe Irene Einarsen, Camilla Figenschou, Hanne Grieg Hermansen, Dan Lestander, Trygve Luktvasslimo, Camille Norment, Ina Otzko, Silja Siltala, Bjørn Tore Stavang / Curator: Torill Østby Haaland, Jan Erik Lundström
2013 Reflex /  Luleå Kunsthall, Sweden. Artists: Tomas Colbengtson, Grethe Irene Einarsen, Camilla Figenschou, Hanne Grieg Hermansen, Dan Lestander, Trygve Luktvasslimo, Camille Norment, Ina Otzko, Silja Siltala, Bjørn Tore Stavang / Curators: Torill Østby Haaland, Jan Erik Lundström
2012 Reflex /  NNKS, Svolvær, Norway. Artists: Tomas Colbengtson, Grethe Irene Einarsen, Camilla Figenschou, Hanne Grieg Hermansen, Dan Lestander, Trygve Luktvasslimo, Camille Norment, Ina Otzko, Silja Siltala, Bjørn Tore Stavang /
Curators: Torill Østby Haaland, Jan Erik Lundström
2012 Be my guest /  NNKS, Festspillene i Harstad. Curator: Janne Juvi Rasmussen
2012 P&P Bell Set No #1, 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany
2011 CRACK* / Kommunale Galleri, Berlin, Germany
2011 As Time goes by / NNKS, Svolvær, Norway
2011 21/11 Screening NEW SCREEN 10-11. September, NEW-CASTLE, UK
2011 Pop Hits, Based in Berlin / Monbijoupark, Berlin, Germany. Curator: Manfred Peckl
2011 N E W S, Letters from the future, Galleri 2, Annual 11 Stamsund International Theatre-festival, Norway
2011 Pop Hits, Tanzschule Projects / München, Germany. Curator: Manfred Peckl
2010 Timeless Breath Exchange I+II / Verwertung- Interdiziplinäre Kunstfestival, Berlin, Tyskland. Kurator: Laila Evensen
2010 Fathers Garden / One minute International film & video festival, Arrau, Switzerland
2010 NNKS 30 års jubileumsutstilling / Harstad Art Society
2010 Hommage à Iver Jåks /  Fredrikstad Kunstforening / Hamar Kunstforening / Seljord Kunstforening / Balestrand / Stavanger Kunstforening / Oslo Kunstforening
2009 A study of perception / One minute International film & video festival, Arrau, Switzerland
2009 Paris Photo / Eric Franck Fine Art, Paris
2009 London Art Fair / Eric Franck Fine Art, London, UK
2009 Herre i eget hus? / Galleri BOA, Oslo, Norway
2009 NNKS 30 års jubileumsutstilling, NNKS / Svolvær, Norway
2009 Father, please forgive them for they do (not) know what they are doing /  The Affluenza Exhibition, London, UK /
Curator: Hege Sæbjørnsen
2008 Hommage à Iver Jåks / Alta Kunstforening / Grenseland Museet, Kirkenes / NNKS, Svolvær, Norway
2008 The orange tree / Illuminators, «Koltsovo» Airport (Yekaterinburg) Russia / Curator: Arseny Sergeev, Artpolitika
2008 Den 62. Nordnorske Kunstutstilling, Annual Juried Exhibition, Northern Norway
2008 Pubertet / Puberty, Haugar Vestfold Artmuseum, Tønsberg, Norway. Artists: Ina Otzko, Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen, Sverre Bjaertnes, Jo Broughton, Rineke Dijkstra, AK Dolven, Simen Johan, Hyun-Jin Kwak, Sally Mann, Hellen Van Meene, Torill Nøst, Soody Sharifi. Curator: Tone Lyngstad Nyaas
2007 Destinautus / One minute International film & video festival, Arrau, Switzerland
2007 MFA Fine Art Degree show, Goldsmiths, London, UK
2007 Dialoger / Artbase Helgeland, Sandnessjøen, Norway / Collaboration with Kari Elfstedt
2007 KISS / ArtBase Helgeland, Sandnessjøen, Norway / Collaboration with Kari Elfstedt
2007 Peace Camp, The Bricklane Gallery, London, UK
2006 Open Salon, Viewfinder Gallery, London, UK
2006 Høstutstillingen, 119. / The Norwegian State Annual Exhibition, Juried, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway
2006 Portretter / Alstahaug Art Society / Curator: Kari Elfstedt
2005 Communication I-II, 2 live performances / Alstahaug Kunstforening. Collaboration with Camilla Storm
2004 CROSSBREED MA Image & Communication Degree show, Menier Gallery, London, UK
2004 Kvinner Vil Kvinner Kan / Alstahaug Kunstforening / Mosjøen Kunstforening, Rana Kunstforening. Artists: Kari Elfstedt, Åse Haraldsen, Sissel Grytå, Marianne Moe, Hilde Jørgensen, Ina Otzko
2003 Masculine and Feminine Landscapes in Dialogue / gallery@oxo, London, UK.  Collaboration with Roger Holtom

Art Fairs
Supermarket, Stockholm Independent Art Fair / Small Projects
Cosmoscow / Sunderø Gallery
Paris Photo / Eric Franck Fine Art
London Art Fair / Eric Franck Fine Art

Book Fairs
100 Norwegian Photographers, Kunstbokmessen Bastard, Lillehammer / hosted by Oppland Art Center
100 Norwegian Photographers, Frankfurter Buchmesse, Norla, Norwegian Pavillion, Norway Guest of Honour & Hatje Cantz Verlag stand
2019 100 Norwegian Photographers, Paris Photo, Hatje Cantz

2018 Skeiseferd og andre dikt, Gerður Kristny / Nordsjøforlaget / illustrations & cover
2018 Ein lysare eld, Lennart Sjögren / Nordsjøforlaget / cover
2017 DIKT I SAMLING, Frances Horovitz / Interpreted by Lars Amund Vaage / Nordsjøforlaget / cover
DIKT HUSKER STEMMEN, Sigurdur Pàlsson / Nordsjøforlaget / cover
2016 Drapà, Gerður Kristny / Nordsjøforlaget / illustrations & cover
2010 Adopsjonspapirene (Jackie Kay) oversatt av Hanne Bramness / Nordsjøforlaget / illustrations & cover
2010 A Calender in Colour (2011) / Hanne Bramness / illustrations to poems
2010 Nordlandsbanken ASA, Nordlandskalenderen 2011

Grants / Project Support
2017, 2020 
Norwegian State Art Grant / Statens Kunstnerstipend, Diversestipend
2019 BKH / Bildende Kunstners Hjelpefond, Project support
2015, 2018
BKV / Bildende Kunstneres Vederlagsfond, 1-year Work grant
2012, 2017, 2019
BKV / Bildende Kunstneres Vederlagsfond, Project support
2019 Fritt Ord, Project support
2005, 2017, 2018, 2020 Statens Utstillingsstipend, Regional Project support
2012, 2015, 2017, 2021 Nordland fylkeskommune, Travel grant
2010, 2012, 2016 BKH / Bildende Kunstners Hjelpefond, Travel grant Ny Ålesund
2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016 Nordland fylkeskommune, Project support
2006, 2013 Ingrid Lindbäck Langaards Stiftelse, grant
2013, 2016 Kulturnæringsstiftelsen, Project support
2008, 2016 Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, Project support
2012, 2015 Den Norsk-Tyske Willy-Brandt-stiftelsen, Project support
2015, 2016 Barents Secretariat / Barentskult, Project support
2006, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Alstahaug kommune, Project support

Collections* / Purchased by
Harstad Municipality, Norway
2018 Gildeskål Municipality, Norway
Hochleiter / Munich, Germany
2017 Vasulka Chamber Archives /  National Gallery of Iceland*
2017 Polarsirkelen Videregående skole, Nordland fylkeskommune / Nordland County Council, Norway
2016 NCCA / National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Kronstadt, St.Petersburg, Russia*
St.Petersburg Museum of Nonconformist Art, Russia*
Eric and Louise Franck Collection, London, UK*
2014 Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography, München, Germany
2011 Sandnessjøen Videregående skole, Nordland fylkeskommune / Nordland County Council, Norway
2006 Alstahaug Municipality, Norway
2003 Helgeland Kraft AS, Mosjøen, Norway
1996 – Private collections*

Commissions (C) and permanent installations in public space (PI) / Awards (A) – selection
Twendeprisen (A)
Twende Artist wine, label and graphic print / Stiftelsen Twende & Enrico Rivetto (C)
Pikene på Broen / Terminal B (PI/C)
2016 IPA International Photo Awards / Family of Man / Winner / Honorable Mention (A)
2011 British Petroleum / BP Norge AS, SKARV FPSO (C)
2011 N E W S / for NNKS – Mind The Map! / Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes, Norway (C)
2011 Sandnessjøen Videregående skole. Curator: Kari Elfstedt (PI)
2011 FALLING FOR RELIGION for Galleri Backer, Vestfold University, Norway (C)
2010 Nordlandsbanken ASA, Nordlandskalenderen 2011 (C)
2010 Firmus Female / Festival Artist, Petter Dass Museet, Alstahaug, Norway (C)
2010 Petter Dass-dagene, Official festival poster (C)
2006 Haugaland DPS, Rogaland Art Center (PI)

Curatorial Projects
Art Consultant, Narvik Brannstasjon
2017-2019 100 NORWEGIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS (web project and book)
2016-2017 Exhibitionprogram for Kulturbadet galleri, Sandnessjøen, Norway
Ingen rødmer i paradiset, Kulturbadet galleri, Sandnessjøen (Artists: Kari Elfstedt, Vegbjorg Hagene Thoe, Tone Fjereide, Rhina C. Lindgren, Margreth Olin, Hanne Bramness, Ida Walenius, Ingeborg A. Lindahl, Ina Otzko, Aslaug Juliussen, Jo Broughton, Solveig Ovanger)
ABH/ Los Huset, Graffiti prosjekt in Sandnessjøen (Artists: Jorit AGOch & Leticia Mandragora)
2015 My Social Network, Grethe Irene Einarsen
2015 ABH/ Welcome Home, Graffiti prosjekt in Sandnessjøen (Artists: Alexander Menhukov, Glafira Sergeevna Severianova)
2015 ABH/ AiR Helgeland- Berlin (Artists: Jerome Chazeix, Sarah Lüdemann, Simon Daniel Tegnander, Emilija Skarnulyte)
2015 Alstahaug Kunstforening / Alstahaug Art Society, Scandic Syv Søstre, Sandnessjøen, Norway (Artists: Elisabet Alsos Strand, Åsne Wold, Grethe Irene Einarsen)
2014 ABH/ AiR Helgeland- Berlin (Kunstnere: Maike Zimmermann, Alois Späth, Grethe Winther-Svendsen, Vebjørg Hagene Thoe)
2014 Kunstkonsulent / Olderskog barneskole, Vefsn kommune / “Nøstet” (Artist: Kari Elise Mobeck)
2013 ABH/ AiR Helgeland- Berlin (Artists: Johannes Abendroth, Julian Weber, Vemund Thoe, Kristin Tårnes)
2012 Kunstkonsulent / Sortland Ungdomsskole, co-kurator Ingunn Milly Hansen. (Artist: Jorunn Sannes, Ingrid Cimmerbeck, Sigfrid Hernes)
2010 Grimm Museum, Berlin, Germany “What will the future bring? (Artists: Caitlin Berrigan, Stefan Bressel, Mai Hofstad Gunnes, Henna-Riikka Halonen, Narve Hovdenakk, Yaron Lapid, Ellen Nolan)
2011 Alstahaug kirke / Video installasjon “Night Meter” (Artist: Yaron Lapid)
2006 ABH/ KISS, Co-curator with Kari Elfstedt (seminar, utstillinger, performance)

2021 – 2025
Board Member / Artica Svalbard – appointed by KUD
Artist representative NNBK – Board member (deputy) NNKM / Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum – appointed by NNBK/NKNN
Chairwoman NNBK / North Norwegian Association of Visual Artists
2019-2021 Board member NBK / Norwegian Association of Visual Artists
2019-2020 Nomination Committee Regional Project funds, Autumn (Rep. FFF for Espen Kjelling)
2019-2020 Allocation Committee Regional Project funds, Autumn (Rep. FFF for Espen Kjelling)
2019- Artistic Advisory Board Stiftelsen Twende
2017-2018 Jury member and local host, CRP / Curatorial Program for Research,
Dimming The Northern Light
2011-2020 Artistic Advisory Board LIAF / Lofoten International Art Festival
2008-2010 Board member NNBK / North Norwegian Association of Visual Artists

Other Activity
Founder & director of ARTBASE HELGELAND 66°N / Collaboration with Kari Elfstedt & Toril Bonsaksen (2005-)
Founder & director of AIR Helgeland-Berlin / Collaboration with Kari Elfstedt (2011-2015)

Press / Publications / Broadcasts° Blog°° (catalogues*/magazine/books**) – selection
Urban kunst frisker opp bybildet i Bodø,, Gullaug Pless 16.11.2020
Otzko stiller ut i Russland, Helgelands Blad, Therese Jægtvik, 28.10.2020
Visuell forteller og verdensborger, FEELGOOD Kunst og Kulturmagasin 2, 2020
Ina ved Båntjern, FEELGOOD Kunst og Kulturmagasin 2, 2020
Ina Otzko. Å gi noe tilbake. / Magasinet KUNST, Ina Gravem Johansen 02.09.2020
An Encyclopedia of Norwegian Photographers / Photo of the day, 11.12.19
A bigger picture : 100 Norwegian Photographers /, Christian House 09.12.19
Watching the light / Invited blogger of the month / Hatje Cantz Fotoblog 09.11.19°° / Marie Karlsen 05.11.19
Pushing the distance away / Invited blogger of the month / Hatje Cantz Fotoblog 30.10.19°°
In Search of the Miraculous / Invited blogger of the month / Hatje Cantz Fotoblog 20.10.19°°
Norsk fotokunst i internasjonal boklansering / Magasinet Kunst, Ina Gravem Johansen 18.10.19
Tysk kunstbokforlag løfter frem 100 nålevende fotografer / D2 17.10.19
100 Norwegian Photographers / / Invited blogger of the month / Hatje Cantz Fotoblog 11.10.19°°
100 Norwegian Photographers / Kulturzeit 3Sat, Germany 19.09.19°
Mathriaka / Cultura – Spettacoli in Sicilia, Gazetta del sud 19.07.19
100 Norwegian Photographers / Hatje Cantz Verlag** 2019
Vetrine di liberta*
Magasinet Se Kunst 01/2019 – NorlandiArt p.16-17
Fotografi, profil mars/april 2019
LOOK NORTH – A horizontal state of mind**
Magasinet KUNST, Vandreutstilling: Nordnorsken 2019, Ina Gravem Johansen 28.01.2019
Den 73. Nordnorske Kunstutstilling* 2019
Bodø Nu, Blir vi ikke hakket stoltere av å presentere Nordlands egne kunstnere? Innlegg Ina Otzko 09.01.2019
Perspektiv, Widerøes Flight Magazine, Hvem, Hva, Hvor / December/January issue 2018-2019
Bodø Nu, Anmeldelse: En kjærlighetshilsen til Bodø av Ellen Marie Sæthre-Mcguirk 06.12.2018
Magasinet KUNST, Kontraster av Ina Gravem Johansen 19.11.2018
Fredagsgjest NRK Nordland P1 09.11.2018°
Helgelands Blad, Feiret Ina med stipend og ny vin 09.11.2018
Bodø Nu, Ina Otzko ble Twendeprisens første vinner 06.11.2018
Helgelands Blad, Inas kunst til vin 08.10.2018
Helgelands Blad 16.07.2018 Twendeprisen til Ina Otzko 16.05.2018
Norlandia Newsletter Twendeprisen 2018 til Ina Otzko 16.05.2018
P1 NRK Radio Distriktssending Nordland, Nordvendte sjeler – Twendeprisen 16:29-21:03 24.05.2018°
Avisa Nordland, Kunst på vinflaska 16.05.2018
Se Kunst Magasin 4/2017 Klar for avgang fra Terminal B / Lyser opp i gågata 
LOOK NORTH** p.140/141
Norsk kunstårbok 2017 / p.108 NorlandiArt
KUNST PLUSS / 3 2016, Alstahaug kunstforening 40 års jubileum
SKINNBLAD NR.3/2016, Nordnorsk Kunstliv mot 2020 / Nord-Norske Bildende Kunstnere
Transpositions II, Museum of nonconformist art, St.Petersburg, Russia / March 2017*
Rhetorics of Power, Museum of nonconformist art, St.Petersburg, Russia / October 2016*
Leviathan, Limited edition, artstudiopaparo, Naples Italy, Published by IO Productions 2015*
Arte Italia Magazin, Sept. 2015 Ina Otzko : Sono qui, puoi sentirlo? by Nicoletta Cobolli Gigli
D-Art.IT, Sept. 2015, Review of Ina Otzko : Sono qui, puoi sentirlo?  by Virginia Zullo
Espoarte, Sept. 30th 2015 Review of Ina Otzko : Sono qui, puoi sentirlo?  by Beatrice Salvatore
Juliet Art Magazine, Oct. 1st, 2015, Review of Ina Otzko : Sono qui, puoi sentirlo?
Racna magazine, Sept. 4th 2015 Review of Ina Otzko : Sono qui, puoi sentirlo? by Giovanni Cardone
Ina Otzko : Sono qui, puoi sentirlo? Magazine / Published by IO Productions 2015
SKINNBLAD NR.3/2015 / ArtBase Helgeland Welcome Home
Longing & Belonging, First Edition, b/w, artstudiopaparo, Naples Italy / Published by Ina Otzko Productions 2015**
SKINNBLAD NR.4/2014 / ArtBase Helgeland AiR
Da Adolfo, First Edition, b/w, artstudioaparo, Naples Italy / Published by IO Productions 2014**
STATE Magazine, Eurostate / The Dark Arts / p.18-19 by Georgina Turner, 2013
Interiører / Interiors, Artist Book, b/w, Edition 100, signed and numbered / Published by Eric Franck Fine Art 2012**
Galleriårbok, NNKS, ISBN 978-82-997429-3-1, catalogue, 2012*
REFLEX, ISBN 978-82-997429-2-4, catalouge 2012*
Ka, Om Skarv på Helgeland og framtida BP / ISBN 978-82-303-2107-2, book 2012**
Det Kongelige Kulturdepartement, Meld. St. 23 (2011-2012) Visuell Kunst
Kunstforum (web) /2011/02/grensesprengende-spektakel 2011
Billedkunst 2, 2011, Arktisk relevans på kartet 2011
Kunstforum (web) /2010/05/hva-vil-fremtiden-bringe / What will the future bring? Grimm Museum, Berlin 2010
Hotshoe International (web) / London Art Fair 2009
HENNE, Artist of the month, October Issue 2008
Hommage á Iver Jåks, catalogue 2008
Illuminators,«Koltsovo» Airport (Yekaterinburg)/Russia, catalogue 2008*
Kunstmagasinet #2, 2008
Pubertet / Puberty, Haugar Vestfold Art Museum, Norway ISBN 978-82-92095-12-6, catalogue 2008*
Mennesker & Landskap / Self published book, 2004**