We hereby announce an open call for professional artists to participate in our pilot season of The Dinghy!

(Image: Langsundbrua, Yter-Vikna, Austafjord, May 13, 2018. Photo: Louise Kaldhol.)

About the Dinghy:
The Dinghy is an artist run project, a sailing school, a vessel for interdisciplinary research and a lifeboat in times of ecological crisis. In the summer of 2020 we will sail a traditional square sail Åfjord boat from Brønnøysund and up along the coast of Nordland. We will be seven artists and a captain, exploring, sailing, and doing artistic research related to topics such as marine ecology, life in the tidal zone, coastal culture, mythology of the sea, etc. Poetic, aesthetic, cultural, political, historical, mythical and scientific approaches to the sea, the shore, and the land are all welcome. The journey is a common platform for art and community; with each other, nature, and the people and places we visit along the way.

For a long time, the region of Nordland has been famous for its photogenic ‘postcard’ experiences. As an alternative to this, we will look around the corner, deeper into the details of micro landscapes above and below the water. We will visit artists, scientists, farmers, various organizations, cultural institutions and industry workers. We will fish, harvest seaweed and trade food directly from farmers and fisherwo/men when possible. This will be the start of a coastal network of individuals, associations and institutions that, from different angles, have art, environmental protection, and sustainable living on their agenda.

Who we are looking for:
Professional artists of all genres (music, sound, film, visual art, writing, performance, dance etc) who wish to participate in the full four week sailing residency from July 10th – August 7th. (It is possible to apply for a two week period, either July 10-July 24 or July 24-August 7, but those applying for the full four weeks will be prioritized)

Artists who wish to learn how to sail on a traditional boat, while engaging in community, collaboration and the social aspect of being together on the boat.

Sailing/boating experience is a plus, but not a requirement. We will be sailing on a traditional wooden boat without a motor and it will sometimes be necessary to row when the wind is still.

For this season, due to the current pandemic, we will be focusing on artists living in Norway and will be organizing a plan for all participants to undergo a quarantine prior to the journey.

This project requires flexibility and an open mind. Our itinerary will depend on weather, the wind, the captain’s advice, and the wishes of you and your fellow crew members. The journey will last for four weeks, and we will spend equal amounts of time sailing and staying in natural harbours. We plan on camping most nights on land, and ask everybody to bring their own tent and sleeping bag.

To Apply:
Please send us a short and relevant Artist Bio, a link or attachment of what you do, and a short letter of motivation which incorporates answers to the following questions:

1. How is the region of Nordland relevant or interesting to you as an artist?

2. How do you imagine your work/research will interact with the journey: the people we meet along the way, the place we visit, your fellow artists/crewmembers, the boat itself, the landscape?

3. How do you think a journey at sea can influence your artistic practice?

Residency fee: 4500 NOK for a four week program covering food, boat and sailing instruction. (Travel to and from the boat is not included)

Deadline: May 20th, 2020

Send application to: dinghyair@gmail.com

Due to the current pandemic, there may be slight changes in itinerary and starting and ending locations. Applicants will receive frequent updates.

This project is made possible thanks to funding from Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter. We also thank Kjetil Sildnes, Fosen Folkehøyskole and captain Tora Bakkemo.

With kind regards,

The Dinghy crew,
Jason Rosenberg and Marie Kaada Hovden