November 8-10th at the public library in Mo i Rana: RAANEN VOUDNA – a three day seminar with lectures, workshops and lecture performance.

RAANEN VOUDNA is the first part of Sissel Mutale Bergh's art project focusing on the Sami histories in Raanen. Mo i Rana is commonly known as the industrial city, but is located in the middle of Raanen, an old Sami area with long traditions, culture and history. RAANEN VOUDNA seeks to give insight into the narratives that more or less have dissapeared from the surface. The seminar is free and open for all. Language: Norwegian Program

NNKS project

Sissel Mutale Bergh RAANEN VOUDNA

RAANEN VOUDNA is a two-part art project that put focus on the Sami history of Mo i Rana, a place known known as the industrial city, located in the middle of an ancient Sami area, Raanen.

8 Nov - 31 May 2019

Mo i Rana

NNKS project

NNKS Mentor program

Since 2016 North Norwegian Art Centre runs a mentor program for recent art graduates

30 Sep - 31 Dec 2019


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LIAF – Lofoten International Art Festival

One of Norway’s main contemporary art events

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Artists Yngvild Færøy & Søssa Jørgensen made three podcasts with interviews, conversations and recordings from concerts during of September in Henningsvær. Available at the LSAS webpage


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