Art in Public Space

North Norwegian Art Centre works to ensure that as many people as possible in our region can experience high-quality art. The business area that has the greatest potential to create meeting places between a broader audience and artistic expression is Art in Public Space.

Since 2019, North Norwegian Art Centre has been working to become a regional centre of expertise for art in public spaces. The centre wants to strengthen the opportunities for artists in Northern Norway within the field, as well as to increase the use of public art in Northern Norway. Nordnorsk kunstnersenter is an important contributor to the field in the region, and offers advisory services to ensure that art projects in public spaces are implemented with good processes and good artistic results.

Advisor for art projects in public spaces
Nordnorsk kunstnersenter acts as an advisor for art projects in public spaces.

In the planning phase, we can help develop a framework for the project and suggest various processes for procuring art. The art centre can provide guidance on the use of various contract documents related to public art and the implementation of competitions.

When recruiting art consultants, we can prepare proposals for calls for proposals and distribute calls for proposals through our extensive network of consultants and artists.

Our goal is to realise art projects where both the process and the artistic aspect are well taken care of. Getting involved in a project at an early stage often yields the best results and the best involvement of all partners and all those who will encounter art in their everyday lives.

Art consultants
Utilising art expertise is a profitable investment to achieve good results.

The task of an art consultant or art manager is to draw up a plan, the key document in the process of realising an art project in public space. The plan is also a prerequisite for obtaining funding from KORO, the Government Agency for Art in Public Space. KORO has funding schemes for municipal and county council projects.