North Norwegian Art Centre acts as the permanent secretariat for two grant schemes, Regional project funds and Nordland County's travel grant for visual artists and artisans.

Regional project funds

North Norwegian Art Centre is the secretariat for the regional setting committee for Northern Norway. Each year, priority is given to applications from artists who will exhibit in the region. The applications are then processed by the national awarding committee, which is administered by the Art Centres in Norway (KiN).

Nordland County Council's travel grant

North Norwegian Art Centre is the secretariat for Nordland county's travel grant, which is announced to visual artists and artisans in Nordland every year in December, for trips the following year.

The main aim of the scheme is to stimulate further development within the subject areas through study trips to seek out new international professional environments. From 2020, domestic travel was also opened up. The awarding committee consists of one representative from Northern Norwegian Visual Artists and one from Norwegian Craftsmen Northern Norway.