In collaboration with Helgeland Museum, North Norwegian Art Centre is pleased to present Signe Johannessen's exhibition 'Posthumous Tails' in Mosjøen. The exhibition is shown at Jacobsenbrygga as part of the Helgeland Festival which opens on 29 June.

The artist Signe Johannesen had parts of his upbringing at Alstahaug and in Mosjøen. Today she is an internationally profiled artist based in Gnesta outside Stockholm. In the summer of 2024, she will return to old haunts with the exhibition 'Posthumous Tails', which was shown at the Nordnorsk kunstnersenter in Svolvær from November 2023 to January 2024.

In both life and work, Signe Johannessen is concerned with our intertwined relationship with other species, and how speculation and play can create a free space to imagine new ways of being in the world. In the exhibition 'Posthumous Tails', among other things, a strange archaeological bone find and discoveries in a museum archive of stuffed animals form the basis for a further artistic exploration in which both unicorns, werewolves and other hybrid bodies can emerge.

Still image from 'Pray Prey'